Locking Systems Deter Burglars

Locking Systems Deter Burglars

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Security and safety measures in our homes call for high quality locks and hiring a reliable domestic locksmith to deter burglars and intruders. Our houses have entry points such as the front doors, service doors and windows. These are areas that, if not secure enough, can make easy access for bad elements. There are several types of lock fittings we can choose from depending on the level of security we require for our properties.Locking Systems Deter Burglars

Window Locks and Keys

Most burglars go for the windows when they try to enter houses. This is why having window locks installed is an effective way to deter criminals. According to reports, a burglar is less likely to try to enter a property by breaking the windows. If a window lock is visible, the chances of being a victim of a break in get slimmer. On the other hand, if locking the windows is overlooked, a potential burglar can enter your home through this point of entry and unlock the front door from the inside. There are several types of window locks for any given home. These include louvre, sash and sliding glass window locks.

Deadbolts are the types that can be used for exterior doors and have a higher level of security than traditional door locks. A deadbolt cannot be opened with the use of tools or pins that can be used to easily unlock ordinary locks or door knobs. Features of this type include heavy duty fittings and dead-locking latch bolts. There is also the cylindrical type that can either have single or double cylinders. For privacy purposes, there are also locks that have grade 3 security levels good to be used in home interiors. This type usually has a hole in the middle of the handle that allows for lock release in case children and elders need to be evacuated for emergencies.

Finally, padlocks have a number of components and are one of the most common types of home and office security. A padlock has a body that can be shrouded or covered to make it difficult for a thief to unlock. It also has a locking system inside that uses a key to unlock or a combination type wherein a code is keyed-in to open. This type also needs to be attached to a chain or a hasp to perform its function. Being portable types that come in different sizes and make, home owners have more choices and can save money in a way that one only has to get one with the right size and security level required. These can be used as bike locks as well as locks for toolboxes, cabinets and mailboxes. And in case you have the habit of misplacing your keys, there is the type that can be rekeyed for you by a locksmith.

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