Contact our company if you find yourself locked out. We offer emergency locksmith services for commercial, domestic and automotive situations. 

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Locking Yourself Out

That little piece of metal you carry around in your pocket or your wallet is so important that if you happen to misplace it or lose it altogether, you're going to have the worst time. If it's your house keys, then you're going to have to bear staying out in the cold. If it's your car keys, then good luck with the commute. If it's your office or store keys, you're going to have a less than productive day ahead. You can avoid being in any of these situations by giving our company a call for emergency locksmith services.Emergency Locksmith

The Domestic Solution

We provide a 24 hour emergency locksmith service, so calling us when you lock yourself out in the wee hours is no problem at all for us. Our services include opening your locked doors, gaining entry when your door knob or deadbolt is damaged and also replacing locks and rekeying. Rekeying is very important if you believe that someone might have unauthorized access to your home with the aid of your missing key. This unwanted scenario is possible especially if you lose your wallet, bag and keys at the same time. Remember, that a typical ID may have your address on it. 

The Commercial Solution

If the keys you lose are for your store or office, then it's in the best interest of your clients and your bottom line to get your locks replaced and rekeyed by a local locksmith. Our commercial emergency locksmith services include opening locks and replacing or rekeying them. We also install keyless entry systems for automated doors as well as install window locks for added security. To protect the confidentiality of your files, we also install file cabinet locks and safes.

Automotive Emergency Locksmith Services

When you can't get in your car, you can rely on us to open your doors for you. This includes opening the boot of your car if you can't make your key work. If your car problem involves your steering wheel not unlocking, we can solve that for you too. This goes the same for ignition problems. Our services include repair or rekeying of your ignition and car locks.

Call us at Locksmith Sevenoaks if you're having trouble with your locks at home, your store, office or even your car.

We're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

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