Business Premises Security Audit Basics

Business Premises Security Audit Basics

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Most companies are concerned about the security of their employees, assets, and are willing to make improvements. At the same time, they have a limited security budget. If you are a manager who is in this situation, consider using a business premises security audit. Its purpose is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the security system which the building has and to recommend improvements. It will give you the guidance to making the most effective and cost-efficient changes.Business Premises Security Audit Basics

How It Works to Benefit Businesses

The audit is based on a predetermined plan. It covers all components of the security system on the premises. This ranges from regular and master key locks to all devices for access control. Safes and door closers are included as well. When the check is all-encompassing, it covers the security rules and measures which are adopted as well. For instance, the check can determine how many employees lock the file cabinets after use. The level of maintenance which the system components receive and its quality can also be assessed.

All findings of the initial check are carefully organized. In this way, the technical data and other information are prepared for analysis. The analysis is based on factors which are set in the initial plan. Usually, the level of security of the premises is compared against national and specific industry standards. If the management has any specific requirements, they are used in comparison as well. If the managers want to find out whether there is a need for more advanced CCTV and alarm installation, for instance, the effectiveness and reliability of the currently used devices can be compared to the most advanced available in the market.

The results of the analysis are presented in a comprehensive written report which contains recommendations for improving the security system of the premises and is based on the analysis of the findings. The recommendations can be general or quite detailed, depending on the needs of the business.

The company management team has to decide whether to follow the recommendations in the audit report or not. This decision should be based on the security budget which the business has and on detailed cost-benefit analysis. Plans for future development of the company have to be taken into account as well. Usually, the investment in more advanced security solutions such as video access control systems pays off quite quickly.

All companies and especially those which experience fast growth will benefit immensely from the performance of a premises security audit on a regular basis.

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