3 Issues with Automatic Car Door Locks

3 Issues with Automatic Car Door Locks

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Automatic car door locks are a great luxury for any car owner as they allow a sense of comfort that isn’t available with conventional door locks. However, if you have automatic car door locks in your car, you would know that they can prove slightly worrisome at times. Knowing about these issues can help you in taking preventive measures which will help you avoid these problems while the knowledge can also help you in guiding your automotive locksmith about the problem.3 Issues with Automatic Car Door Locks

Low Voltage

Not having the appropriate voltage is usually responsible for the malfunctioning of one of the doors. This usually happens because the mechanism of the automatic door locks is operated with a switch. For the door to be automatically unlocked, the switch is operated with an electrical surge. When a door doesn’t open, it is usually because of insufficient voltage over the switch that unlocks the door. You can ask for recommendations from auto locksmiths at locksmith Sevenoaks on how to ensure that there is sufficient voltage at the switch for the doors to keep working correctly at all times.

Blown Fuse

This is usually the problem when the entire locking system fails and you end up in a situation pretty similar to a car lockout (with you inside the car though). Usually, if all of your doors are not responding then it would be a problem related with a blown fuse. With a blown fuse, you would also find other components of the car like your radio not responding or functioning properly. A blown fuse is however, not as common an occurrence in cars.

The cables that connect the button for the manual lock to the car door itself sometimes get corroded with time and this corrosion can result in malfunctioning of the lock. Since the button for the manual lock is also used for the operation of automatic door locks, the corrosion of cables affects the performance of them as well. So, if your automatic car door lock starts to malfunction all of a sudden, you can check if the problem is related to the cable or not by seeing if the door lock opens manually. If they do not, then you have diagnosed the problem correctly. This problem is however, not just associated with automatic locks and can cause problems even if you only manual door locks in your car.

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